Journal Publications

Short Stories

“Love/Theory 7” Sinister Wisdom 95 (Spring 2015).

 “One-Hundred Ones” Atticus Review (Summer 2014).

“Big Night” Blueline (Volume XXXIV; 2013) 68-74.

“Fresh Air” Unmanned Press Story of the Month (February-March 2013).

“Fisher” Literary Mama (June 2011).

“Labyrinth,” Show Us Your Shorts. 10th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition Collection (Writer’s Digest Books, 2010) 29-31.

Frost Heaves (short story chapbook). Kore Press (December 2009).

“The Diviner Story, or How I Nearly Got Kilt by a Snake,” Oregon Literary Review 2.1 (Winter/Spring 2007).

“A Time To” Harrington Lesbian Fiction Quarterly 7.4 (Fall 2006) ISSN 1556-9225.

“Why My Great Aunt Belle Drives a Golf Cart” Cicada (January/February 2006) 56-69. ISSN 1097-4008.

“True Believer” Rock & Sling: A Journal of Literature, Art, and Faith 2.2 (Fall 2006) 78. ISSN 1552-5929.

“Blue Hole” Rock & Sling: A Journal of Literature, Art, and Faith 2.2 (Fall 2006) 98. ISSN 1552-5929.

“Hibernation” Harrington Fiction Quarterly 7.2 (Spring 2005) 27-31. Thomas Long, PhD, Ed., Haworth Press. ISSN

“House-Tree-Person Test” in Best Lesbian Love Stories 2005. Angela Brown, Ed. Los Angeles: Alyson Books, 158-163.

“House-Tree-Person TestBlithe House Quarterly. Aldo Alverez, Ed. 8.1 (Winter 2004).

“Weismuller Dreams” Wormwood Review 6 (Winter 1998): 16-17.

 “Time Exposure” The First Time. Barbara Grier, Ed. Tallahassee, FL: Naiad Press, 1997.

“Flashback” Evergreen Chronicles 11.2 (Fall 1996): 31-33.

“Cemetery Rules” Sinister Wisdom 46 (Spring 1992): 77-79.

“Girl Junk” Florida Time-Union Literary Supplement December 25.

Creative Nonfiction

“Time Travelers” Turnip Truck(s): Abundance 3.1 (Spring/Summer 2017) 86-101. Winner of Gold Prize (first place) for Family Travel, Solas Award for Best Travel Writing of 2017.

“White. Out.” Fourth Genre 18.2 (Winter 2016) 105-110.

“Feminist Mother, Sister-Wife” Minerva Rising, Issue 11 Fall 2016, “Sisterhood” (ISBN 978-0-9967639) 1-9.

“Strangers in the Village” American Atheneum: A Museum of Words (Autumn/Winter “Wayfarers All” Issue, 2013) 88-91.

“The Mayor Meets an American Princess” Literary Bohemian (May 2010).

“Madonna and Child en due” MotherVerse: A Journal of Contemporary Motherhood 8 (May 2008).

“My Olds Man” OUT Magazine (June 1997): 168.


“If my father were a humanist capitalist” and “If my father retired to rural France” Hashtag Queer: LGBTQ Creative Anthology, Vol. 1, Sage Kalmus, ed. Lanesburgh, MA; Qommunity LLC, 2017 (ISBN 978-1-946951-01-1) 48-52.

“Good Humor Man” (prose poem; excerpt from Strangers in the Village memoir)    ArLiJo 93 (Fall 2016).

“If My Father Were Mr. Rogers” and “Midsummer Dawn” (poems) in We, the Garlic Peelers, by Lucia Galloway. Quills Edge Press, 2015 (ISBN9780996742405) 37-9.

“On the edge of Birmingham, 1935,” in Mind The Light, by Suellen Wedmore. Quills Edge Press, 2015 (ISBN 9780996742405) 42.

“Bears” Naugatuck River Review (Winter 2015).

“After the Keeper Hauls the Hives AwayOff the Coast (Summer 2013) 39, ISSN 1945-0559.

“If My Father Were Mr. Rogers” and “Cemetery Walk” Floating Bridge Review Number 5.

“Ice Gone,” Referential Magazine (November 5, 2011)

“If My Father Dressed as a Woman” Earth’s Daughters: Found and Undelivered 78 (2011) 40-41, ISSN 0163-0989.

“If my father were a New England poet” Melusine, or Woman in the 21st Century 2.2 (Spring 2010.

“Psychic” Mamas and Papas. Masek . Alys and Kelly Mayhew, eds. San Diego: City Works Press (2010 ), 209-10, ISBN 978-0-9816020-8-0.

“Isabelle in Sienna” damselfly press journal 3 (April 15, 2008)

“Riding in the Back of a Pickup Truck” SawPalm (Fall 2008)

“Dawn on Borrell Creek, Georgia, 1965,” Kudzu (2007) 19.

“Driven South In Thanksgiving Morning Fog,” Blueline (Fall 2007).

“Shades of Sunday,” “Break Time” Beacon Street Review (May 1992): 9.

 “Iris” Florida Times-Union Literary Supplement December 8, 1990: F1.