Bronze Award for Frost Heaves!

Frost Heaves has been awarded third place in the Feathered Quill 2019 awards competition for short story collections.


– “The setup, location especially, when it comes to this book is very well done. I am a person who lived in the NW Corner of CT my whole young life and that broken asphalt, the ice, snow, etc., certainly brought my mind right back to that time. Along those same lines, for those “sunshine” state dwellers, you perfectly laid out the setting to the point where people are immediately pulled in. It takes a lot of work to “show” a book to the point where it plays like a movie in your head, and you have done just that. Your eclectic characters also made these stories mesh well. There was no “dull” point where the characters were ever alike, which made for an intriguing read. And when they mixed with the natural world, the “movie” yet again began to play in one’s mind. Good job!”

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